About hobby farms

Are you interested in owning a small farm and maintaining it without an expectation of it being a primary source of income? Then you might be a hobby farmer. Some land holdings are intended to be for recreational purposes, such as fishing, hunting, or a nature preserve. Others are working farms that generate some income for the owners. Often a hobby farm is a lifestyle choice that functions more like a country home than a business.

It’s an investment, too

A hobby farm represents an opportunity to purchase a small acreage that is larger than a garden but smaller than a commercial farm. Although a hobby farm can be any size, you’ll need about five acres to raise small livestock, have a large vegetable patch or orchard, and perhaps keep a hive or two of bees. Hobby agriculture covers a wide spectrum, from backyard eggs-and-jam to large areas of grazing land. Nouveau farmers are, above all, enjoying themselves!

Hobby farms for sale in Ontario

Rural property has seen steady levels of appreciation in value as more people from the city look for a home in the country.

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Running a successful hobby farm

Hobby Farms for Sale in Ontario

Some hobby farmers are interested in fulfilling lifelong dreams of owning a horse or growing specialty food for restaurants or the local farmer’s market. Lifestyle, or hobby farmers, say they get a lot of satisfaction from making their land productive and fertile.

A hobby farm is a great opportunity to experiment with new and sustainable methods of growing food. Organic produce, meat, and eggs can provide high-quality additions to the household menu for the cost of your labour.

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