Light, cheerful, and pleasantly welcoming

If your sales representative has decided an open house would be advantageous, here are some suggestions to help make your open house successful. There are four characteristics of a successful open house:

  • Planning is important so the open house isn’t on a holiday or major event, like the Superbowl.
  • Promotion happens on our website, on, and other venues where people are looking for open houses.
  • Presentation is part of your role but we’ll help too by making suggestions and bringing refreshments to the party.
  • Good weather is optional but a sunny day is nice for everyone.

First impressions

A home that looks well kept will create favourable first impression. We’ll work together on a schedule that will allow you to do necessary cleaning and improvements before the open house. Your representative will show you on how to present your home to its best advantage. Some suggestions:

  • Turn on all the lights, even the small ones
  • Light the fireplace(s)
  • Put soft background music on
  • A pot of fresh coffee smells nice and gives people a reason to linger

It’s very helpful to everyone if the home seller does not attend. Take the dog for a walk or run some errands! Buyers are more likely to be spontaneous if you’re not there supervising the event. As your REALTORS®, we’ll take good care of your home and be able to answer any direct questions from the sellers or other agents.

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First impressions count

  • Prepare your home so potential buyers will see it in the best possible light

  • Clean, bright, and properly staged, your home will realize it’s highest possible value and sell in the shortest possible time

  • Adding a scent like fresh baked bread, incense, or fresh flowers will perk up buyers

How to have a successful open house