Each generation of design takes cues from the past and incorporates them into visions for the present. Sometimes the result is brilliant. Other times it can be a mashup of incompatible theories. In the 1970s, designers merged the brilliantly clean International Style with orange shag carpet, creating the “Executive Excess” style. Today, the trend for design is reverting back to traditional with contemporary influences. People are looking for liveable spaces designed for real life families. Sustainable materials, flex-spaces, and eco-friendly elements are in vogue.

New homes in Norfolk County have kitchens that double as entertainment spaces have evolved from the family room-kitchen combo. The space is becoming more formal, less playroom. The bathroom is becoming a spa and a retreat for rejuvenation. Look for quirky features like a “king’s attic,” a room only accessible through the master bathroom closet. A true hideout for tired parents.

Technology is now omni-present in our lives, and it has begun to permeate the home, as well. Voice-activated helpers turn on lights, order pizza, and help us manage schedules. We can expect to see more connections between devices with the coming wave of “Internet of Things.” Your fridge will be able to order directly from the grocery store when supplies are low. When a storm knocks out the power, your car will reverse the flow of electrons from its charger to keep everything running. An electronic cocoon is the next big trend.

Decor will continue to evolve with more white decor. It never goes out of style and works with every decor. Pure, soft, cool, and warm are a few ways paint makers describe their favourite blends. There is a tone of white that is perfect for your walls. A white canvas allows the homeowner to decorate with colour accessories. White walls are a potential gallery for your inner art curator.

White-on-white is also synonymous with minimalistic spaces. It might inspire some to shed unused belongings, a trend that picked up speed in the 2010s. The catchphrases are living with less, less is more, and minimalist lifestyles for a better focus on appreciation. In these types of spaces, lighting is the main feature. Create shadows and pools of gathering light to separate spaces and give the illusion of rooms within rooms. LED lights make it possible to keep one or two on all the time for plants or safe navigation at night. Brighten a dark foyer to encourage good feng shui energy to enter the home. Consider small helper lights for dark corners and halls such as a salt lamp or an LED string in a plant.

Another welcome trend is quietude, a trend that points to sensible priorities. Separation of space begins with the visual and is complete with control of the audible environment. Wall units against common walls are helpful. Some print on demand art websites will include a sound-proof dampener. Mass loaded vinyl under an extra layer of drywall will silence a bedroom for sleep. Although this is a slightly more expensive option, it works well and when professionally done, will increase the value of your condo or townhouse.

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